I walk in beauty


Ethical Wildcrafting is a sustainable way of tending to the needs of fragile ecosystems with reverence & gratitude as well as the need for access to harvest plant medicinals.

I am grateful for the early understanding my father taught me in the forest near our home to only take what we needed when out picking wild berries, morels, leeks. This was mirrored by every teacher since, as a way to approach the bounty of this beautiful and vulnerable bio-region of Northern Michigan.

More is not more if it leaves less for others, including animals, people, and the environment of the plants growing and supporting each other.

I think the responsible way to ethically wildcraft is to know the land, listen and observe the changes, make note from season to season, and proceed with wonder, awe and gratitude. As this is an ongoing gathering of information of the vitality of a potential medicinal, the energy is two fold, inluencing the end product(s) while not impacting the wilderness from which they begin.

Respect for the land and its many gifts is not only why I harvest ethically, but also why I rely primarily upon trusted harvesters and herb companies with impeccable reputations, shared foundational values & infinitely more wisdom than me AND why I only produce small batches. For The Love….



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