Roll Your Own…

Rollerballs, of course! Rollerballs deliver essential oil goodness onto pulse points, the bottom of your feet, your temples or, some even on your lips! Morning Sickness Blend-- ginger, peppermint, lemon in rosehips infused olive oil. Rise Up-- peppermint, cloves, eucalyptus, cinnamon, frankincense & rosemary in calendula infused olive oil. Intuition Blend-- clary sage, rosemary, elemi... Continue Reading →

Tea Time

Hands in bowls of sweet earth smells... that's how every pouch of tea starts here! Each blend is thoughtfully selected for both the beauty of the herbs and their vitali-TEA! Milk Makin Mama-- with fennel, fenugreek, chamomile, alfalfa, nettles, raspberry leaf and a little calendula thrown in for good measure & beauty. Quit Your Belly... Continue Reading →

Magic Mycelium Tea-ncture

Tinctures are a top shelf way of getting medicinals directly into your bloodstream-- they are made with 80 proof or higher alcohol. The alcohol extracts the medicinal compounds and then your body assimilates them immediately rather than after digestion. Although the alcohol is a powerful ally in getting you quick access to the bioavailability of... Continue Reading →

Magnesium Oil

Magnesium plays a significant role in over 300 daily body processes, yet magnesium deficiency is a growing concern as soil minerals are depleted. Magnesium Oil is a great way to increase levels without some of the unsavory characteristics of oral magnesium (loose stool/diarrhea). Magnesium Oil is not actually oil at all, in fact it is... Continue Reading →

Digestive Bitters

Digestive Bitters are an old timey folk remedy to help balance the belly and get the digestive juices flowing in preparation for food. Traditional, wild foods are often bitter by nature and our kinfolk likely ate bitter greens in their foraged foods daily. Today's standard diets really don't value the bitter taste because, well...THEY ARE... Continue Reading →

Salve Yourself

  Salves are a simple but effective way to externally receive plant characteristics through our largest organ, the skin! I appreciate their elegant simplicity. I like that if I need just a tiny batch, within 10 minutes I can have a reliable remedy ready. Salves are fun to make with kiddos on snow days or... Continue Reading →

Apple Cider Vinegar Medicinals

Raw Apple Cider Vinegar is loaded with enzymes & nutrient density. Perfect for extracting medicinals, it brings out the mineral content hidden within the plants growing all around us. Minerals provide us with the basic building blocks of nutrition and vitality. Using vinegar for health is one of the original creeds of folk medicine, dating... Continue Reading →

Carrier Oils

  Nearly every remedy I make begins with a carrier oil. A carrier oil carries the medicinals; the energy, potency, essence, vibration, intention, and purpose, of  herb, root, bark, leaf or essential oil constituents. A carrier oil delivers the goods. Each Mishe Mokwa Medicinal carrier oil is solar infused with fresh or dried herbs for... Continue Reading →

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